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Evolution and History of Traditional Indian Cuisine

As a nation that has undergone widespread commingling of diverse peoples through the centuries, India’s cuisine has evolved from many food influences. The contrasting weather in the sphere, from tropical to mountainous, has also broadened the range of ingredients widely obtainable for the many disciplines of cooking in India. In fact, food has become a signpost of religious and social distinction, with differing prohibitions and favorites For example, groups of the Jain society will not eat roots or earthen vegetables. One compelling influence over Indian foods is the ancient history of vegetarianism within India’s Hindu, Buddhist and Jain community. Strict vegetarian diets account for almost half the population in India!

India’s traditional cuisine is further defined by multifaceted and clever use of spices and vegetables harvested from all over the country and for its widespread practice of vegetarianism across its populace. Each family of Indian cuisine is characterized by a wide array of dishes and cooking fashions. Therefore, it varies greatly from area to area, manifesting the diversity of the Indian subcontinent. India’s religion and culture have been probably the strongest influence in the evolution of its cuisine. Meat was introduced and transformed into delicious and delicate kormas, spicy kebabs, and fragrant biryanis. But India’s cuisine also evolved as a result of its synergy with the Middle East and Asia as well as the Mediterranean, making it a truly unique blend. This was a give-and-take interacton though, as can be seen in the fact that Indian curry is used to flavor food all over Asia and may be found in recipes anywhere in the world.

Our most popular recipes

It is important to make clear that anyone can cook good Indian food for themselves and guests on an everyday basis. This collection of Indian food recipes brings together some of my favorite snacks, soups, appetizers, casual lunches or grand Indian dinners! Some of our most popular traditional, authentic Indian food recipes are Ragda Patties, Indian Curry, Mithai, Chicken Korma, Saag Aloo, Chicken Tikka Masala, Mirch Masala, and our favorite: Indian sweets, desserts, and drinks! Which simple and easy Indian recipe are you looking for? Learning to cook Indian food is surprisingly quick if you try a beginner’s and prepare it according to the recipe. Most of all, your hungry guests will enjoy the delicious and spicy dish!

Popular Indian Food Ingredients

Ajowan (ajawain)

Ajowan seeds are very similar in appearance to cumin seeds and have a strong, distinctive flavor that resembles aniseed. The spice is used to add a nice little zing to many fish and vegetable dishes as well as some flour-based snacks. Chewed on their own, ajowan seeds may help alleviate stomach aches as well as diarrhea and colic. The spice comes from a herb plant closely related to carraway which has feathery leaves, flowers and tiny seeds. When dried, these seeds are the spice.

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